Frequently asked questions

How is my information protected on this website?

We take every possible precaution practical to protect your information. All access to the Quota Transaction Statements is protected from eavesdropping using the Secure Socket layer technology (known as SSL). This is indicated by the 'https://' prefix on the address bar at the top of your browser window, and the padlock icon that should be visible on the status bar at the bottom of your browser window.

For more information on SSL a useful place to look is the Verisign Australia Web site, who supply the SSL certificates used by AFMA.

We also take every step to minimise the amount of information stored on the web server to the minimum required. Unlike other services, where the data is provided by a connection to the businesses database servers (hosting all data) only the minimum information necessary is stored on the AFMA web server.

So, do you guarantee that my information is secure?

Unfortunately we cannot. Internet security is a constantly evolving technology, with new threats being identified and new solutions being developed.

What information is available?

The Quotaview web site provides information similar to the Quota Transaction Statements and Catch Summaries currently posted or faxed by AFMA. This information is available in an easy-to-read form including tables and graphs showing quota allocation by species for some fisheries. Please contact Quota Management on AFMA Direct 1300 723 621 if you wish to know which fisheries are currently available in Quotaview.

This information is also available in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format suitable for use in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or other commonly available data management and reporting tools.

Who has access to this information?

AFMA quota management staff have limited access to this information to allow them to assist you over the telephone if required. In the even that you require your account details changed over the telephone AFMA staff will ask you to verify yourself through the use of your secrete question and answer.

All external access to your information is only available to the person who knows the username and password issued to the holder and your secrete question and answer. It is important that this information is not easily known to others.

It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is kept safe.

Why doesn't the Online Statement match my records?

Quota trades will not appear on the statement until they have been validated and processed at AFMA. Although, AFMA works to have accurate information available as soon as possible, there may be some delays.

If you believe any Quotaview transaction is wrong or unauthorised, or your periodical statement contains any instances of unauthorised use or errors, immediately notify Quota Management on AFMA Direct 1300 723 621.

How can I trade Quota with this system?

Unfortunately you cannot trade quota using Quotaview.

Why do I require an email address in order to use Quotaview?

To ensure the best possible protection of your personal information we have implemented a username and password retrieval process which requires an email address.

When your account is set up you are given a random encrypted password which you must change when you first login to Quotaview.

As your password is encrypted AFMA staff can no longer assist you if you forget your login details. To retrieve a forgotten username or password, you must visit the forgotten password page on the AFMA website and enter your email address. A new encrypted password will be emailed to you prompting you to change your password again.

If you have any difficulties in completing this process, Quota Management can also email you a new encrypted password. We will use your secret question and answer to verify your identification.

What if I do not have an email address?

To use Quotaview you will need to obtain an email address from your internet provider or from one of the many public email providers available.

If you are having problems obtaining an email address or require assistance please contact your internet provider or Quota Management on AFMA Direct 1300 723 621 or email us at

If you have further questions please contact Quota Management on AFMA Direct 1300 723 621 or email us at