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GoFish Outage

GoFish will be offline from 5pm till midnight on the 30th June for maintenance, if you have any query in regards to this outage please contact licensing on 1300 723 621.

For Users who have opted into receiving correspondence in GoFish, please be aware of the following;
•You will receive an email informing you that one or more new notifications from AFMA are waiting for you in GOFish.
•When you log in to your GOFish account you will see the ‘Acknowledgement Message’ box . In this box will be document/s description (e.g. . Permit, or . Levy Notice)
•Before you click on the Acknowledgement button, click on the document description (e.g. . Permit, or . Levy Notice) to open the document in a new window. At that time you can either read or print the document, once finished viewing that document close that window only. If you have more than one document, then you can click on the next document contained in your ‘Acknowledgement Message’ box.
•If you click on the Acknowledgement button in the message screen before opening the document/s, the message screen will not appear again, but you can always view the document in your ‘Document History’ folder located in your Documents tab.

For any further queries in relation to this function please call Licensing on 1300 723 621.