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Welcome to Gofish

GoFish now has a couple of new functions,
1) You can now locate in your document history a copy of your extracts or certificates by using the search function.
2) You can now see all transactions by species in your Holding and Catch Summary - How can I do this? run the Holding and Catch Summary report, then you will see against each species on the right hand side of the report 'view transactions' click on that and you will get a pop up box displaying all the transactions for that particular species.

From 1 August if you have signed up as a Primary Agent or you are an individual client, the function to add and delete agents will be available in GoFish. Please note, to add an agent you will require their AFMA client ID.

If you experience any issues with GoFish, or just need a hand using the software please call AFMA Licensing on 1300 723 621