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Welcome to GoFish

New GoFish functions,
1) When completing a lease or transfer in GoFish you will now see a new column titled 'Lease or Transfer Price ($) (optional)', you can enter the total $ cost of the leased/transferred Quota or Gear SFRs. Using the total cost you enter the system will then calculate the cost per SFR in the end column.
2) You no longer need to denominate the boat from the concession before completing a transfer.

From 1 August if you have signed up as a Primary Agent or you are an individual client, the function to add and delete agents will be available in GoFish. Please note, to add an agent you will require their AFMA client ID.

If you experience any issues with GoFish, or just need a hand using the software please call AFMA Licensing on 1300 723 621