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Welcome to GoFish

Please note: when renewing your permit via GoFish there is NO application fee payable.

Details of changes to GoFish are listed below
. If you require more information or clarification please call AFMA licensing and Data Services on 1300 723 621

Home screen
Things to Do, which now only contains transactions you need to attend to, such as regrants
Recent Invoices, this contains your levy and fee for service invoices for the current year
Messages, this will contain messages such as completed applications

Reconciliation Statements:
You now search by fishery and season, the page will then display the statement for each species you are in an over quota position for.

Searching Clients:
Previously when trading GoFish would search all clients. This has now been changed and will only search GoFish registered clients, if you can’t locate the client you are looking for then the chances are they are not a GoFish user.

Document History:
• You can now search by date, type, fishery season, extract or certificate number.

Transaction Statement:
You can now search by a date range within a selected fishery and season.

ITQ Trading:
• This function has been corrected to only allow trading (in either kilo’s or ITQs) if the person you are transferring to holds a current SEQ Holding Permit.

Client Details:
• If you make a change in GoFish to your address or email address you will now receive an email to notify you of the change.

If you experience any system issues or you just need a hand with using Gofish, please call Licensing and Data Services on 1300 723 621